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The ABCs of Breastfeeding
Stacey Rubin



ISBN13: 9780814480571
ISBN10: 0814480578
Division: Professional
Pub Date: FEB-08,
Publish Status: In stock
Pages: 288
Edition: 1
Price: A$ 18.95 / NZ$ 26(Incl. GST)


For the new mom and her baby, breastfeeding provides countless physical and emotional benefits. Breast milk provides proper nourishment, helps strengthen a baby’s immune system, and deepens the mother-child bond. However, breastfeeding doesn’t always happen as naturally as one might expect. As a Neonatal Practitioner and Board Certified Lactation Consultant (and mother of two), Stacey H. Rubin knows the difficulties new moms can experience. Now, in The ABCs of Breastfeeding, she offers a practical and reader-friendly guide that will help every new mother feel comfortable and confident about feeding her baby. From pregnancy to weaning, this helpful book will show nursing mothers how to:
  • find a doctor who is breastfeeding-friendly
  • hold their baby comfortably after birth
  • recognize the signs that a baby wants to be fed
  • take necessary steps that will prevent breastfeeding difficulties
  • build a healthy milk supply
  • manage the right diet
  • continue breastfeeding immediately after returning to work
  • know when to stop breastfeeding
Illustrated with real-life stories from the author’s own private practice of women who have overcome common and not-so-common breastfeeding difficulties, The ABCs of Breastfeeding will help expectant and new mothers turn their nursing experiences into a joyful one -- for themselves and their new babies.


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