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Making Formative Assessment Work
Kathy Hall, Winnifred Burke



ISBN13: 9780335213801
ISBN10: 0335213804
Division: Medical
Pub Date: NOV-05,
Publish Status: Out of stock - delivery in 3-4 weeks
Pages: 184
Edition: 1
Price: A$ 169 / NZ$ 186(Incl. GST)


“Hall and Burke acknowledge that formative assessment is hard work. But they make clear that the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages… They neatly divide it into bite-sized chapters, with each building neatly on the one before - [this book] is easily accessible to the reader.” BJET

This book explains and exemplifies formative assessment in practice. Drawing on incidents and case studies from primary classrooms, it describes and analyses how teachers use formative assessment to promote learning.

It argues the case for formative assessment with reference to sociocultural perspectives on learning and it examines this in the context of current assessment policy in this country.

Evidence presented in the book is drawn from original research projects of both authors, most of which is being published for the first time.

Themes addressed in the various chapters include feedback, power and roles of learners and teachers in formative assessment; self and peer assessment; and sharing success criteria with learners. There are also chapters on formative assessment in: literacy, numeracy, art, science, history, and play.

The book aims to equip the reader, whether teacher, student teacher, teacher educator, or researcher, with a sophisticated grasp of issues in formative assessment, and how they relate to the promotion of pupil learning.


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