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Science, Social Theory and Public Knowledge
Alan Irwin, Mike Michael



ISBN13: 9780335209477
ISBN10: 0335209475
Division: Medical
Pub Date: OCT-03,
Publish Status: Out of stock - delivery in 3-4 weeks
Pages: 192
Edition: 1
Price: A$ 62 / NZ$ 73(Incl. GST)


  • How might social theory, public understanding of science and science policy best inform one another?
  • What have been the key features of science-society relations in the modern world?
  • How are we to re-think science-society relations in the context of globalization, hybridity and changing patterns of governance?
This topical and unique book draws together the three key perspectives on science-society relations: public understanding of science, scientific and public governance, and social theory. The book presents a series of case studies (including the debates on genetically modified foods and the AIDS movement in the USA) to discuss critically the ways in which social theorists, social scientists, and science policy makers deal with science-society relations.

‘Science' and 'society' combine in many complex ways. Concepts such as citizenship, expertise, governance, democracy and the public need to be re-thought in the context of contemporary concerns with globalization and hybridity. A radical new approach is developed and the notion of ethno-epistemic assemblage is used to articulate a new series of questions for the theorization, empirical study and politics of science-society relations.


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