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The Trading Book: A Complete Solution to Mastering Technical Systems and Trading Psychology
Anne-Marie Baiynd



ISBN13: 9780071766494
ISBN10: 0071766499
Division: Professional
Pub Date: JUN-11,
Publish Status: In stock
Pages: 272
Edition: 1
Price: A$ 51 / NZ$ 55(Incl. GST)


A popular trading guru and top statistician “opens the book” to her unique precision trading system

A former statistician in the field of brain research, self-made trader Anne-Marie Baiynd explains how to achieve consistently successful trades, regardless of market volatility.

In The Trading Book, Baiynd explains how to use her precision technical trading system-which significantly outperforms common indicators-and offers practical advice for training the mind for optimal performance. Readers learn how to combine an understanding of technical indicators with mental discipline to enter and exit trades more profitably.

  • A Rising Star in Trading: Founder of the TheTradingBook.com, Baiynd has been featured on such popular websites as StockTwits, Trader Interviews, ShadowTrader (a division of TDAmeritrade), MoneyShow and in Traders magazine
  • Expansive Outreach: Baiynd works closely with Yahoo! Finance provider WallStreetCheatStreet.com
  • Comprehensive Trading Approach: Combines the use of Fibonacci, Candlesticks, and Bollinger Bands for optimal trading performance

Anne-Marie Baiynd (Charlotte, NC) divides her time between active trading and running training programs in her trading academy. She speaks to and advises proprietary traders, assists in behavioral engineering, runs the popular blog for day and swing traders, The TradingBook.com, and hosts the television show AnneMarieTV through StockTwits, LLC.


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