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E-Habits: What You Must Do to Optimize Your Professional Digital Presence
Elizabeth Charnock



ISBN13: 9780071629959
ISBN10: 0071629955
Division: Professional
Pub Date: JUN-10,
Publish Status: Out of stock - delivery in 3-4 weeks
Pages: 256
Edition: 1
Price: A$ 33.95 / NZ$ 36(Incl. GST)


In the tradition of Steven Covey's 7 Habits, a leading expert's guide to the most effective strategies for assessing and controlling online behavior at home and on the job

For the millions of people whose lives are increasingly lived online, E-Habits is digital image makeover guide that enables readers to present themselves in the best possible light with every electronic action—whether on the Internet or within their own organization.

  • Covers the effects of both online and internal activity, painting a comprehensive picture of how the digital footprint affects corporate professionals, social networking site users, online job-seekers, loan applicants, and others
  • Provides readers with the tools to give their digital selves a “virtual makeover” by assessing and controlling information about them online and within their company or organization’s network
  • Charnock is today’s premier authority on digital security “profiling” and a member of Fast Company magazine’s “Fast 50” list of 50 movers and shakers “who are writing the history of the next 10 years”

Elizabeth Charnock (San Francisco, CA) is the founder of Cataphora and a leading expert on the implications of personal and organizational behavior among users of electronic media.


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